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04/13/2022 . Greetings, Now that Covid seems to be in the past the new topic affecting museums is the economy. Rising costs will be hitting our smaller museums causing more burden on them to stay open. Just when things were improving. Fuel prices and increased fee's will again slow down business to the brick and mortar museums. Being MOBILE gives us the opportunity to bring our exhibits to public and private events, saving travel and fuel costs to those interested in our military history. 

Currently we are beginning to renovate and do needed repairs to our small building. Once completed we will be contacting area media outlets to visit our operation in hopes of obtaining some advertising.

We also are in need of an enclosed trailer to transport exhibits to events. 14 to 16ft long, 7 or 8 ft wide and 6ft high with rear ramp. New or good used shape. Contact us for details if you can help. Budget is very low and we hope to have one donated if possible. Donated items are tax deductible.

In our closing comments we want you to know we are fighting a battle. A battle about our history being ignored and in cases erased. Too many times lately we are having people ask us basic questions about our history that years ago most would have some knowledge of. Many of them younger people confused about the Who, What,Where,Why and How.  We can not lose this battle. If we do then who will be there to provide that knowledge learned by the contributions & sacrifices of our veterans. Our volunteers do the best they can to clear up questions anyone has and we also have historical information on display with our exhibits.